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What is keeping us enslaved to the same life experiences?

Updated: Aug 29, 2022

3 ways the subconscious mind works and the reasons why we self sabotage

Why are so many people staying in a job that they outgrew or a relationship that is unhealthy? Why do so many not move their bodies to loose weight and feel amazing? The answer is that it's simply how your subconscious mind functions.

The subconscious mind controls most of our behavior. You can't change your life experiences because your subconscious mind is working as it's designed to work. Nobody is to blame, we all do this.

It's really difficult to explain to people that they are not in charge of their choices. In a world where we believe in "free will" the fact that most of our choices are not organically ours, seems foreign to many.

Your subconscious mind looks for repetition and predictability, which keeps you safely within the walls of the reality you are currently living in. Staying in the job you don't really like, means you know where you will be tomorrow at this time and you know you'll make a certain amount of money that will help you float your monthly bills.

You may realize now that the subconscious mind is not designed to make logical decisions for you. It doesn't care about that. It will take what you feed it, what you watch, observe and take in from your immediate environment.

Making logical choices is the job of your conscious mind. The conscious mind receives its inspiration from the superconscious and subconscious mind. You may not be aware of the information your subconscious mind is registering and that is normal.

It processes approximately eleven million bits of information per second, while your conscious mind can only process about forty bits of information per second.

This means that you are not consciously aware of all the information your subconscious mind processes, and again, that is normal.

Your subconscious mind looks for repetitive things in its immediate environment and puts the most common themes on the top priority list. If your tribe works the same job, it will emulate that behavior, if your tribe struggles with relationships, it will think it’s in a tribe that sports troubling relationships and emulates that. If it sees friends failing their buisnesses it will seek out situations that fail their business as well, just to belong to that tribe for the safety of belonging.

If you behaved differently and had different life experiences, many of your tribe members would see you as a foreigner and no longer communicate with you, you may have noticed that sometimes a large group of friends fall away and ignore you, because you have chosen to stand out and be different in some ways. Again, a total normal turn of events when you begin to escape the tribal prison.

Your subconscious mind scans its environment for the following at all times:

  1. Familiarity

  2. Repetition

  3. Predictability

The prime reason is safety within its immediate tribe. Safety is one of our primal human needs.

Manifesting and the subconscious mind

Manifesting is not about attraction as much as it is about your choices. Manifesting is about your subconscious choices first. When you emulate the new behaviours, your vibe changes, your energy and how you show up for yourself and others, changes. Now, the right people and situations will be attracted to you, because their subconscious mind also makes choices for them.

You’re holding up the subconscious flag of recognition that others will pick up on.

And boom, it’s a match!

The saying; “your vibe attracts your right tribe”, is very true. But that means that you have to first brainwash yourself into a better life experience, so your new subconscious behavior can be recognized by your new tribe.

That’s why we need to carefully choose the tribe we belong to, the media we watch and the shows we listen to. Your subconscious mind doesn't know the difference between screen time and real life, it takes on what you feed it, said Dr. Robert Murphy who wrote a book called "The power of the subconscious mind".

I watched in horror the frenzy on social media after the craziness hit. People pointing out what’s wrong with the world instead of sharing how we can make things right. So many jumped on the band wagon and I felt the push as well. Because,

What we see, we think. What we think, we do. And what we do becomes our reality.

It took us away from focusing on the work we came here to do. The situation became our "new normal". The situation is no different then the weather that day or the fact you grew up in a difficult family environment. You can choose to let the situation dictate your thought, behaviour and actions. You can choose to let it become you. Or you can choose to let it stand as a situation like the sun and the stars.

Choose to live on your own terms. Focus on what you need today, tomorrow and how you want to feel and show up everyday.

Make the changes you need to align yourself with your highest vision.

We all got pressured by the perceived tribe, large or small, to "care" and waste our time and energy on things we have zero control over. We were shamed, blamed and guilt tripped over "ignoring" the situation. Not that we ever did, we just felt that our focus and energy would be of better service in other places.

From a spiritual perspective, our energy was harvested, they took it and we gave it willingly in the name of righteousness.

It left us completely powerless and unable to gather enough energy to do our job, creating the life we actually wanted.

And that was the point of it all, to keep humanity preoccupied as to not create "heaven on earth" like we wanted to.

Let me ask you now; what did you create the last two years?

When chaos hits the tribe, it’s best to disengage and take your focus off it completly for a while. It’s got nothing to do with sticking your head in the sand like some tribe members proclaimed, to try to shame you for it. But everything with knowing how your subconscious mind works and how to keep yourself clear of subconscious programming and manipulation. Adding more fuel to the fire brings nothing but wasted resources.

“To know thyself, is the beginning of wisdom” ~Socrates

To move the world, you start with moving YOUR world, hovewer small and you learn that your subconscious mind is the wheel that moves your world into the right direction, as your wheels turn, so will the wheels that eventually move the world.

Interested in learning more about how your subconscious mind works?

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