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I exist to inspire greater understanding

I spent the majority of my life not knowing who I was, I didn't understand myself and my behavior until I had an awakening in my late thirties. I have continuously worked on myself to become a better human being and learned so much about how the subconscious mind works. I became certified with Jason Christoff's school to help my clients better. I began working with people during my awakening when I discovered my intuitive gifts. I love tuning into energy and delivering timely and insightful messages to my clients. However, I always felt that I could be doing more for them. I was asking the universe to help me find a course that can give me the skills to help people even better and came across the freedom  from self-sabotage certification course. I am now fully equipped to help my clients with making changes to align with their true self and the work they want to accomplish. I love helping female entrepreneurs understand the workings of their subconscious mind and what is standing in the way of their success. 

Sabrina Keck-Goeldlin

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