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Passionate About Inspiring Others

Hey there, here is a little something about me so you don't feel too shy to reach out. Originally from Switzerland, I live in Ontario with my kids and my partner, in a small country town. I love the peace and convenience of living in a small town, just as I grew up, walking to the store for butter and milk. I enjoy times away up north at the cottage or swimming in lakes in the area. A year ago, I realized that to move the world, we have to help each other move our little worlds first, and as each of us becomes a world mover, we can make the difference in our world that we want to see. I'm one of many, on a mission to inspire one million why's worldwide. 

Sabrina Keck Goeldlin

FFSS Coach



  • Certified Freedom from Self-sabotage Coach


  • Writer and Author

  • Seven years of Spiritual and Psychological self study

  • Technology and Computer know how

  • A burning passion to help you move forward

  • Happy Clients

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